A new sales strategy for New Life Global doubles revenue year on year
14 April 2015
A new sales strategy for New Life Global doubles revenue year on year

When we first met with MSM, we had lost 95% of our business as a result of the global financial crisis. After working with them for six months, we have developed new markets, doubled our staff, doubled our turnover and continue to grow. The future is now very exciting and very bright.  Connor Brady - Managing Director, New Life Global

the background

New Life Global (NLG) is a Hamilton-based company, providing a unique combination of international job recruitment and visa services to aspiring international migrants and New Zealand employers. Initially, the company experienced robust sales growth, focusing their efforts on the lucrative UK market. However when the global financial crisis struck in 2008, their high-value UK migrant market disappeared overnight leaving only the low-value local student market as their sole source of revenue.

the challenge

Facing an uncertain future, New Life Global needed to diversify into new markets to develop new revenue streams and build resilience. Connor Brady, NLG’s Managing Director explains, “We had lost 95% of our business overnight. Because we were in such a vulnerable position, we needed to act immediately with a plan that we could be confident was going to work.” Following a successful funding application to Waikato Innovation Park (WIP), they engaged MSM Sales Specialists to develop a reliable sales strategy capable of meeting this goal.

the approach and recommendations

From the outset, it was clear that every aspect of the original business plan and operations would need to be rethought to react to the new market pressures. Through a series of collaborative workshops, the team identified a broad range of possible growth opportunities. Using their proven BlueprintsTM methodology, MSM carried out in-depth market research, analysing market trends and legislative requirements around immigration to determine the opportunities with the most potential.

With a clear path forward, MSM developed an implementation plan. Connor Brady explains, “MSM developed a plan that outlined the production (people and products) and sales processes (market entry and growth) associated with the new revenue streams. This meant we were able to understand the most effective workflow and the key outcomes that needed to be achieved at every stage of the process.” Production recommendations included restructuring the existing team roles and responsibilities and the need to hire specialised staff in Asian markets. The product portfolio was reinvented with distinct packages that were appropriately priced and easily communicated to meet the needs of each market.

Work was carried out to develop a value proposition for the corporate market to provide NLG with a high-value, local revenue stream. To assist with market entry and growth, MSM identified the need generate several communication touchpoints including an overhaul of the existing website. To achieve this goal, they facilitated additional funding from WIP for MOCA Web Solutions to develop a new online platform that could cater for multiple audiences. Assistance was also provided in establishing partnerships with key stakeholders such as New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and support with public relations.

the results

Following the roll out of the new sales strategy, the results exceeded client expectations doubling revenue in the first year. Three new team members were bought on board within six months to grow the focus markets. 

  • x2 turnover withing six months
  • Opened new markets
  • x2 staff within six months


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With the support of MSM, we have been able launch a unique product to the worldwide market in only 8 months, significantly less than the standard 12-24 month timeframe. We knew this would be a huge task but with their clear and planned approach, we achieved our objectives and are delighted with the results.

Brian Richardson - CEO, Avocado Oil New Zealand

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