Stronger Support Now Available For New Zealand SMEs To Dramatically Boost Export Sales
13 May 2015
Stronger Support Now Available For New Zealand SMEs To Dramatically Boost Export Sales

TAURANGA, 13th May 2015: New Zealand businesses can now greatly improve their chances of successfully increasing sales of their product or service in local and export markets thanks to an innovative new business growth programme.

MSM Sales Specialists – an international consultancy founded in 2009 by Tauranga sales and commercial strategy expert Dan Hansen – is offering a new 12-month hands-on training programme for business owners in upper North Island.

Hansen says the unique ‘MSM Belay Programme’ will teach companies how to undertake all the crucial elements needed to develop long term, sustainable business growth.  The high degree of one to one coaching in the programme reflects the uniqueness of each business and ensures accountability to get things done.

“There are countless businesses with fantastic products and services but struggle to identify the markets they should focus on, and what the most effective sales approach should be to deliver the best return. Which country should they sell and market in? What distribution method will work best? What’s the right price point? What market trends or policies might affect their chances of success?"

“MSM solves challenges like these for clients all over the world with first hand experience in over 34 countries. But we recognise that not all businesses have the budget or resources to undertake this traditional, intensive, consultancy approach,” Hansen says.

Instead, the MSM Belay support programme will comprise of monthly one to one coaching and consulting sessions, fortnightly action groups and workshops. MSM’s proven BlueprintsTM framework, that has been used to support more than 100 businesses to achieve over $400m of gross sales worldwide, underpins the course.

And unlike other sales courses available, participants will have on-going access to an MSM consultant by telephone, with expert knowledge across a range of disciplines and markets, as well as access to MSM’s VitalStats database – providing valuable consumer and demographic insights from around the globe.

“Essentially the MSM Belay programme is a cost-effective way of giving companies the skills and tools they need to carry out in-depth market research and validation, develop a robust sales strategy and then execute it successfully,” Hansen explains. “We teach and fully support business owners along the way, so they can mitigate the risks associated with entering new markets, launching new products or help fine-tune their existing sales plans to drive more sales.”

Hansen says, "in excess of 50 New Zealand businesses have benefitted from MSM’s expertise. The work we do creates competitive advantage for our clients locally and off shore.  We helped a local business generate 100% growth in the US market in the first year, another doubled turnover within six months.  MSM regularly helps clients achieve more than 10 times the rate of average economic growth across a wide range of industries.

“This programme will help businesses develop a clear path to market and provide regular support and accountability to get the results they’re after,” Hansen says. “Other business courses available in New Zealand often lack the follow through, and content is generalised to meet the needs of many.  This often results in the short term feel-good factor but limited lasting results."

The inaugural programme will begin in Tauranga next month and there are eight spots available, with further intakes planned for later this year. MSM Belay will be launched in Hamilton and Auckland later this year.

For more information please contact:

Dan Hansen, Managing Director

p: 0800 123 529

m: 021 059 6233



With the support of MSM, we have been able launch a unique product to the worldwide market in only 8 months, significantly less than the standard 12-24 month timeframe. We knew this would be a huge task but with their clear and planned approach, we achieved our objectives and are delighted with the results.

Brian Richardson - CEO, Avocado Oil New Zealand

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