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Commercialise products

With the support of MSM, we have been able launch a unique product to the worldwide market in only 8 months, significantly less than the standard 12-24 month timeframe. We knew this would be a huge task but with their clear and planned approach, we achieved our objectives and are delighted with the results.

Brian Richardson - CEO, Avocado Oil New Zealand

Innovation is one thing but converting a great idea into a commercial success that generates profit is another. That is where MSM comes in.

Each year we help a wide range of small and medium sized business establish new products and services from concept to commercial reality.

We help business create significant, sustainable revenue from ideas by working closely with your business through each step of MSM's Blueprint process. From market research and validation to IP protection and creating a path to market strategy, we are focused on creating commercial value from the outset. The execution phase of our approach means entering market together with guidance and coaching to rapidly convert opportunities into realisable sales revenue and profits.

Path to market methodology

Using our our proven Blueprints Methodology MSM's approach enables clients to go to market faster with reduced risk in a more sustainable fashion that supports long term revenue growth. Our path to market approach has a reputation for no-nonsense action and delivering rapid results through in-depth research, strategy and successful execution.

Market expertise

MSM has first hand commercial experience in over thirty countries in a wide range of markets including food and beverage, technology, health and beauty, home and garden as well as government and municipalities.

Many of our clients have successful sales histories in traditional markets but want to gain market share in new markets. New markets often include new regions, demographics or market segments. This provides clients with increased profitability by product line without significant investments in new product development.

MSM has extensive experience in creating local and international distribution networks and developing and managing direct sales teams. We also maintain a range of key relationships with a wide network of business partners and funding organisations.


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