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Develop Sales People

MSM help us to see if the market we want to be looking at is a useful one for us to go into, and also to help us execute the sales plan in terms of working with our US-based staff.

Greg Jarvis - CEO, Bluelab

Our focus is on improving our clients’ operational sales performance; that means working with you to develop and implement sales strategies with a focus on delivering rapid and realisable results through successful execution.

MSM is not a sales training company, we believe most sales training provides very little benefit to business and sales people quickly neglect the few techniques useful to their business and industry after a short time.

Execution is critical

Successful execution is critical to any business irrespective of strategy. MSM's proven Blueprints methodology, creates a link between market validation, strategy and execution. Using a variety of coaching methods our consultants work with sales people on a one-to-one basis.

Our approach focuses on building sales capability where it matters in a style specific to the sales person and in the context of the overall market and strategy.

Our approach delivers greater benefits to our clients because we seek to improve the entire sales function to develop the best sales people, the most efficient processes and implement the most effective systems. The combination of the best people, processes and systems deliver realisable and sustainable sales improvements.

Getting started

Managing sales people is unlike any other area of a business and many owners and managers find it difficult to continually target, motivate, incentivise, measure, coach and provide feedback to sales staff.

We work directly with the sales team to increase sales capability and improve sales performance while management can focus on improving other areas of the business.

For businesses without a direct sales team our unique Blueprints framework allows us to identify focus areas and work directly with business owners in a timely and cost-effective way to put in place a plan and actions to deliver sales results using a combination of resellers, distribution networks, agents and direct sales force.


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