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We could not have asked for a better team to come on board. Very professional yet very approachable. MSM Sales Specialists were our missing link in getting our product to market. I would highly recommend them to any business wishing to get their product to market.

MSM Client

Success in one market sector rarely ensures growth in another. MSM works with successful organisations that want to grow market penetration outside of traditional markets.
Many of our clients have strong sales histories in traditional markets but want to gain market share in new markets. New markets often include new regions, demographics or market segments.

Path to market methodology

To help you reach new markets, we use our proven path to market methodology,  the MSM Blueprints Methodology, which steps you through a four stage process. During the first stage, Market Research and Validation, we conduct a detailed interrogation of potential target markets and market segments and assess the different behavioural expectations and messages to which these markets segments respond.

During stage two, development of the Sales Strategy, we help you create a disruptive sales strategy aimed at rapid sales growth based on our research-informed understanding of the market.  Because the strategy is supported by in-depth research we ensure that sales strategies are specific and directed to deliver the best return on investment.

The third stage is Execution. During this stage we work closely with you to execute the sales strategy in order to generate sales momentum.  We provide hands on support and guidance to execute the sales actions and drive sales momentum. During the final stage,  Refinement, we review  how the business can gain efficiencies from the new sales processes as a matter of continual improvement.

Market expertise

MSM has first hand commercial experience in a wide range of markets including food and beverage, technology, health and beauty, home and garden as well as government and municipalities, in over thirty countries.

We have extensive experience in creating local and international distribution networks and developing and managing direct sales teams. We also maintain a range of key relationships with a wide network of business partners and funding organisations.


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