When you engage with MSM we take you through a four stage intensive program which follows our proven Blueprints Methodology. At the completion of each stage there is a Go or No-Go decision point.

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Stage 1: Market Research and Validation

As a first step we help you find 'ripe' markets for your products or service. This stage typically includes a range of analysis to determine which markets will have the highest propensity to purchase.  This is a key step to the sales process and lays the ground work for successful market entry and sales growth.

Stage 2: Sales Strategy

Based on a research-informed understanding of the market and a series of workshops we help you create a disruptive sales strategy aimed at rapid sales growth.  This provides an excellent reference point for sales positioning and reconciling sales activity against a plan.

Stage 3: Execution

The third step of the approach is critical - this is where the 'rubber hits the road'.  We work closely with you to execute the sales strategy to generate sales momentum.  The execution of the sale strategy provides hands on support and guidance to execute the sales actions and drive sales momentum.

Stage 4: Refinement

The refinement stage considers how the business can gain efficiencies from the new sales processes as a matter of continual improvement.  At this stage we review the sales process with a view to identifying opportunities to decrease the sales time frame and reduce the cost of sales to increase sales margin.

With the support of MSM, we have been able launch a unique product to the worldwide market in only 8 months, significantly less than the standard 12-24 month timeframe. We knew this would be a huge task but with their clear and planned approach, we achieved our objectives and are delighted with the results.

Brian Richardson - CEO, Avocado Oil New Zealand

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